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In journalism “burying the lede” means hiding the main or most important point among distracting details.

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Parents across America have been forced to deal with an out of control educational system that seems hell bent on destroying childhood and scarring children for life, all while failing utterly in the one and only mission that schools have. In case you, too, have been caught up in the woke indoctrination frenzy, I’m talking about providing a fundamental and hopefully useful academic education for our youth.

Dealing with the system is harder than at first it would seem. I want to talk about why that is. One of the mechanisms that has brought parents to their knees is what I call word jujitsu. Jujitsu is a martial art practice and system that teaches someone how to use an opponent’s own strength, force & motion against him in a fight.

If I showed up at your door and insisted I was going to mutilate and sterilize your child and destroy any chance they might have for family and future happiness, you would punch me, shoot me or at the very least call the police. It is the natural instinct of a parent to protect their child. On the other hand, if I told you your child was in danger of committing suicide unless they received life-saving, gender-affirming health care, it is just possible you might go along. You say no, but far too many parents have done just that. The instinct to protect is strong.

Linguistic manipulation is nothing new. Language itself has built into it positive and negative biases that are used artfully to push or pull you toward or away from an idea. Laid to rest is a lot more desirable than dead and buried, despite both describing the same outcome. But slanting words for effect is not what I’m talking about.

Nor is turning language on its head for creative group distinction. Saying bad but meaning good, or sick and meaning impressive are fun ways different generations and cultural groups carve out a space for themselves.

Word jujitsu is a much different maneuver than merely adopting negative words to defuse their harm. The N word used by blacks, deplorables used by MAGA, queer by the LGBTQ community. In those cases the negative meaning is clear, and their adoption is simply an effective rejection of the negative that drains it of its harmful power.

The word jujitsu I speak of is turning language against itself, turning words 180 degrees around, twisting them into their opposites. I’m talking about destroying ideas by reversing definitions, like stripping gears in a transmission by slamming a car into reverse at high speed. Politicians have caught on to its true power. Bills named Inflation Reduction only ensure more inflation. The Patriot Act overrides our constitutional protections. A vaccine neither stops infection nor transmission. In the vaccine example they went full circle and actually changed the definition of vaccine in the dictionary, ala Orwell’s 1984.

Redefining words is a part of word jujitsu. Actual gender dysphoria which is a mental condition is redefined as a normal state that must be validated.
Normal childhood is redefined as mental disorders or diseases like ADHD or learning disability so they can be treated.

But it gets worse. Take the phrase anti-racism. Anti-racism means literally against or opposed to racism. Or antifa, short for anti-fascist which means literally against fascism. Both excellent ideas that everyone (statistically speaking, of course; absolutes are unattainable) agrees with and supports. On the basis of those meanings, you might hesitate to criticize either one, might even endorse them.

But you would be wrong. Anti-racism pushes using racism to combat what it says is racism. Even if you accepted the everywhereness of racism which is the idea it promotes, it would be like advocating hate as the solution to hate. But it is anti-racism, that’s good, isn’t it? See the confusion? This kind of word jujitsu can strip your mental gears and create the confusion it is meant to cause.

So it is in schools. When administrators, teachers and counselors talk about making children safe, protecting them from abuse, providing good mental health they don’t mean what YOU mean. In fact, they are jeopardizing children’s safety, committing abuse and destroying their mental health. But by using the words safety, abuse and mental health they keep you confused and at bay. You’ve heard the phrase “a deer in the headlights”? That’s you.

Take SEL, social emotional learning, that’s got to be good. You want your child to learn how to be social, and grow emotionally don’t you? Well, don’t you? What passes for SEL is indoctrination into racial bias, white privilege, toxic masculinity, group identity rather than individual thought, gender pronouns and outright psychological manipulation. I’m still looking for anything involving actual education.

Then there’s DEI, diversity, equity and inclusion. We all want those. Right? Diversity actually means uniformity of thought and forced speech, equity is the communism of equal outcome divorced from merit or effort, and inclusion actually means the exclusion of the other who has been deemed an oppressor. Thanks to SEL, DEI and other mind viruses, segregation is now a thing again. All opposite meanings. And I promise you, in this case, opposites do not attract. DEI is guaranteed to destroy the free America we have known.

Calling parents who refuse to allow their children to be indoctrinated and confused with trans mania abusive, doesn’t make it so. The indoctrination is actual abuse, as is sexual drag queen shows for kids. Like putting lipstick on a pig, dressing up men in colorful outfits and gaudy makeup and having them dance and prance in front of children and having children stuff money into their pants is no less creepy or abusive than the ice cream man luring vulnerable kids into his truck with free candy.

By using terms in reverse to their traditional meaning, ideologues can recruit the uninformed to their cause. Abortion isn’t the killing of an unborn child, it’s life giving healthcare & a woman’s right to choose. March for women. Pay no attention to the dead baby in the trash can.

With word jujitsu they can also twist the legal system and weaponize it. Woke is all in the eye of the beholder. If I am offended then you must be an offender. It’s axiomatic. Courts have taken kids away from their parents by using the legal concept of endangerment and abuse because the parents refused to allow the government school to enforce gender dysphoria and all that follows on their children. Is it mutilation or gender-affirming health care? That is why so-called hate speech laws don’t work. Someone must define what is hate and who is actually hating, which makes it an indiscriminate and undefined thought crime law ripe for abuse. In fact, the eye of the beholder definition that underpins wokedom makes free speech impossible. No one can speak without offending someone. I can attest.

Traditional concepts like colonialism are twisted into hatred for and the required dismantling of the Western system that has civilized much of this world.
New words like white privilege and white fragility are added into the mix to further confuse the issues. Dare say you are not racist and you’ve proven you are.

It is best to stay clear of the word salad vomited by the so-called educational experts. It is a minefield of confused verbiage that is nonsensical at its core and only opens you to attacks from the woke thought police. Stick with what you know. We all know there are two genders, that reading, writing and arithmetic is core education, that the Martin Luther King version of race relations really works, as do hard work and decency. Demand these things and we just might get our education system back. If not, there is always home school or starting our own.

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