The Shot Heard Round the World

In journalism “burying the lede” means hiding the main or most important point among distracting details.

What will happen if we inject all our children with an experimental mRNA, gene-manipulating shot? We just don’t know.

The latest news for children is the CDC vaccine committee voting 15 to 0 to add the COVID jab to the long list of vaccines to be mandated for school age children. A number of states automatically adopt whatever the CDC recommends. Many others follow the recommendations with little discussion. No apparent debate. No consideration of numerous studies showing contra-indications. This could easily be an unmitigated disaster for American children.

Let me repeat that. This could easily be an unmitigated disaster for American children.

There are a number of major firsts here, and none of them are good. First time ever the CDC is pushing a vaccine on school children that is under EUA, emergency use authorization. It is the first time an mRNA shot has been approved for school children. First time a vaccine is put on the school list for a disease that has near zero danger of causing death to young people. First time no short or long term studies have been properly completed to determine efficacy and safety on children before approving the shot. This is the first time all opposing scientific viewpoints have been censored and cancelled.

Let’s take these up one by one.

First, the EUA. The EUA is an amazing gift horse for the pharmaceutical companies. Short term testing only needed. Streamlined protocols that don’t require safety testing for pregnant women and children or any other special group. Follow-ups are shortened and not much more than mere formalities. What about long term bad outcomes? No problem, the companies are exempt from the liability. All part of the EUA. This is why all the shots were administered under EUA. Damn the consequences, full speed ahead.

Now, the mRNA factor. The mRNA COVID shots are nothing like the standard form of vaccines already on the school list. Those introduce a dead or weakened disease virus or bacterium into the system producing a wide spectrum immune response. It is a proven effective method that stops infection and transmission of the target disease. It also requires a decade or more of safety testing. On the other hand, they have been trying to get an mRNA shot approved for decades, but none could survive the rigors of correct scientific testing. Some killed all the animals in trials. Some paradoxically caused an increased susceptibility to the disease. Some caused an overwhelming auto-immune response that was a bigger threat than the disease they were trying to prevent. They really have been trying. The biggest problem has been unforeseen, unpredicted consequences that pop up. So along comes the pandemic and great pressure for an EUA approval with its liability protection for the pharmaceutical companies and the severely lowered testing requirements. Big pharma saw their big chance to move the genetic manipulation ball forward, and make a lot of money to boot, free of any responsibility for harmful outcomes. What self-respecting drug company would pass that up?

Next, zero threat to children. There are vaccines, like polio and others that protect children from death. Childhood illnesses and even the regular flu has cost the lives of too many children, making a vaccine seem sensible. However, COVID 19 has shown little threat to children. So little in fact that using the safe and effective therapeutics that work can reduce the threat to nearly if not actually zero for children. It is possible that the therapeutics that were censored or banned to pave the way for the EUA vaccine approval could have prevented every death that occurred in the younger age groups. That means that going forward any shot-caused death, even one, and any health problems brought on by the vaccine are entirely preventable by NOT giving the children the shot, much less mandating it for school attendance. Risk-reward analysis comes up NO shot by a wide margin. and that’s without even considering the long-term unknowns.

What about safety testing? It was not done for children. Let me say that again. Testing was not done for children. All the original testing was done on adults. And even that was insufficient. Those trials avoided children and pregnant women as they should for obvious reasons. Those are vulnerable populations. It takes many years to do the testing and studies necessary to establish safety both short and long term for children and pregnant women (who will bear children). Years before approval. But here we are with the CDC ramming through approval of a shot for school children who are under no threat from COVID. You have to ask yourself, who owns the CDC?

Everyone agrees the shot is safe and effective, right? My God, we’ve certainly heard that enough times. If there’s a loud noise at night that wakes me up suddenly, the first thing out of my mouth is safe and effective, safe and effective. But, does everyone agree? Hell no. Thousands of doctors and scientists worldwide do not support the safe and effective propaganda. There are numerous studies that have shown problems following shots given to all ages including young people. You won’t see that in mainstream media or on mainstream social media. Those viewpoints have been cancelled. Look up Steve Kirsch, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough or Dr. Peter Breggin on or elsewhere on the internet if you want more data. There is plenty available. Podcasts, newsletters, scientific papers, and even whole books have been written.

There are whole countries who have halted or banned the use of the mRNA shots because of these studies, especially for their children. There are indications and evidence of deaths directly caused by the shots. Healthy people who have dropped dead minutes, hours or days after getting the shot. Babies that have gone into seizures immediately following the shot. Babies. Several pathology studies on the deceased have concluded conclusively that the shots caused the deaths in anywhere from thirty to ninety percent of the cases reviewed. The all-cause mortality rates are now running much higher than usual, especially in younger age groups, and have spiked after every booster shot. Insurance companies are freaking out at the increase in deaths in every age group. Besides outright death there are numerous reports of stroke, myocarditis, blood clots, reproductive suppression and disruption for women, as well as increased miscarriages and lower fertility. The incidence of cancers is also spiking and reports of much more aggressive cancers are coming in from practitioners. There were vaccine damaged groups on Facebook that had grown to several hundred thousand before Facebook cancelled them. Actual people who have actual damage from the shot. And remember, we are still only in the short term aftermath of these shots. The reputable doctors and scientists reporting on these alarming results here in the US have been uniformly smeared in the media, censored and cancelled from social media.

We must stop this insanity. Thankfully, there are several brave governors who have pledged not to implement such a reckless strategy that could harm our children. If your governor isn’t one of them, you must speak out. We must all fight to protect our children from a government medical tyranny that could destroy lives.

Ed Thompson

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