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Despite massive amounts of money being thrown at the education problem in America, students’ proficiency scores are abysmal. According to The Nations Report Card only 24% of high school graduates are at or above average proficiency in math and 37% proficient in reading.

As more students are failing, the use of counseling and educational psychologists to address the problem is escalating at all levels, from programs in teachers’ colleges to kindergarten classes. What psychologists are good at is labeling students with fabricated learning disabilities. What they’re not good at is helping children.

Too often these days when teachers encounter a child having difficulty they are quick to send the child to a psychologist where they are labeled with a learning disability and referred to psychiatrist who prescribes medication. Shockingly, these psychiatric diagnoses are not based on any physical evidence. Unlike real physical diseases, there is no brain scan or blood test that detects a psychiatric “disease.”

In 1987, “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD) was voted into existence by American Psychiatric Association members. Within a year, 500,000 children in America alone were given this diagnosis.

In an interview on Frontline (PBS, 2000), veteran neurologist Dr. Fred Baughman Jr. spoke about how the psychiatric industry has been deceiving the public:

“Their representation to the entire public and to all the teachers and all mental health professionals is that, having ticked off six or more of these nine behaviors, one has diagnosed an organic or a physical abnormality of the brain.

“Their neurobiologic propaganda has been so intense for so many years, that the country believes in this. This is the characterization of ADHD that virtually all physicians give to potential patients or parents of patients. This is the characterization that educators give to parents of students in schools.

“Conservatively … 6 million children in the United States are on medications for ADHD and a total of 9 million with neurobiologic psychiatric diagnoses of one sort or another, are on one or more psychotropic drugs … this is a catastrophe. These are all normal children. Psychiatry has never validated ADHD as a biologic entity, so their fraud and their misrepresentation is in saying to the parents of the patients in the office, saying to the public of the United States, that this and every other psychiatric diagnosis is, in fact, a brain disease.”

To find out how all this madness began, the authors recommend “The Leipzig Connection” by Paolo Lionni. This short book outlines the introduction of German Wilhelm Wundt’s behavioral psychology to replace traditional education in America.

Wundt’s new psychology viewed man as nothing more than an animal with a brain and nervous system that can be molded to suit society. Recognition was no longer given to an individual’s innate ability or spiritual nature.

In the final years of the 1800’s G. Stanley Hall, the first American student of Wundt, brought his theory to Johns Hopkins University. Hall mentored John Dewey who later successfully established Wundtian psychology at Rockefeller-endowed University of Chicago and then at Columbia’s Teachers College. You may recognize these names. Hall’s name appears on many textbooks in America and Dewey is famous for his library decimal system and is known as the “Father of American Education.”

After ruining education, this camp pretends to be the solution and insists on altering education even further. Despite their many abject failures, like whole word reading, and the obvious decline in results for decades, these philosophies continue to dominate the field of education. To make matters worse, we now have ideas like critical race theory and gender spectrum infiltrating the schools to further disrupt and destroy our children’s education and future.

The math books written before Wundtian psychology had straightforward lessons, presented in a logical, step-by-step progression. A full understanding of the basics were stressed because it was felt that this would make the higher level courses easier to learn. Most texts were designed for students to learn and apply what they learned in the real world. The result was more intelligent people who could observe the world, think for themselves and solve problems.

It is in the spirit of early American education that the “Basic Education Series” was created.

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