Our goal is to create valid educational materials that are free of propaganda, indoctrination and false theories about learning and learning disability.

The Basic Education Series is intended to make learning fun and easy, and encourage students to expand their knowledge in all directions by connecting to the world around them in a positive manner.

Knowing Numbers

America ranks dead last in math achievement among the most industrialized nations. Many parents have asked the following: why has math become such a difficult subject to learn?

Knowing Numbers addresses what has happened to make America so “math-challenged” and provides an introduction to numbers and arithmetic that will put your child on a track to excel. The easy to follow instructions will help you teach even the youngest of children the basics of arithmetic in a fun and challenging way.

The book was written for children of ages three through six, but will benefit older children who need strengthening in math. The majority of the exercises involve mental arithmetic done by association with objects in the environment. Seeing and handling objects in connection with numbers at an early age will lead to greater interest, fuller conceptual understanding and more confidence when being taught advanced math subjects.

Arithmetic only addresses one quality of objects, their number. In between sessions of Knowing Numbers, the child should be given lessons and activities in other subjects such as colors and shapes. To that purpose, we have included a section called “Fun with Colors,” and one called “Fun with Shapes.”

Start now. Don’t let your child fall behind.

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Making Sense

Making Sense is an effective tool you can use to give your child a leg up in life.

The three goals for all the exercises in Making Sense are to get your child to reach, discover and differentiate. These exercises are aimed at fostering and strengthening the natural abilities to observe, analyze and decide that every person needs to succeed. Helping children gain control of their bodies and extrovert by reaching toward and handling familiar objects in their environment will increase their confidence and sanity, assure them of their safety in and control of their environment, and thereby accelerate their progress in life.

A better future for your child awaits. Get the book now.

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