In journalism “burying the lede” means hiding the main or most important point among distracting details.

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September is suicide prevention month. I find it perversely ironic to listen to the mental health experts expound on the various problems and supposed causes of what has become nearly epidemic. They blame it on guns, a mysterious genetic increase in depression, the internet, bullying, pollution and systemic racism. Now even global warming, or climate change, or whatever it gets called next is being blamed.

There has been a lot of talk about increases in teen suicides, speculation about the causes, and proposals on what to do about it. One topic, transgenderism, has been a particular focal point for minors. The advocates for early transitioning claim that without such radical procedures there would be more suicide.

Of course whenever challenged about getting no results in stemming the tide, the experts always shake their heads and say, there is still so much we don’t know about the mind.

I call complete bullshit.

Here’s what we do know. According to, U.S. suicides have hit an all time high. reports the suicide rate to be highest among teens.

Here are some other relevant but little mentioned facts.

To feed the mental health crusade we have a constant barrage of drug ads targeting all age groups on TV and on the internet. Some 70 percent of all media ad dollars come from Big Pharma. Failures of the school system are blamed on students by labeling them learning disabled and recommending drugs. We now have tele-psychs doing drive by diagnoses for mental health by phone and some even doling out prescriptions of mind-bending drugs over the phone.

What you can be sure of is that the supposed authorities on the mind, (they are not) are wrong about the cause and the cure. Otherwise, wouldn’t the problem be reduced or even disappear? When polio claimed lives, an effective vaccine all but eliminated the disease from most societies. Where a simple infection once killed half of those who got one, we now have antibiotics that handle all but the most severe cases.

You’ll hear, we just need more and earlier screening, more and stronger medications, and of course, there is so much we still don’t know about the mind. Only that last is the truth. These so called mental health experts know very little about the mind. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in this mess. Things would be getting better, not worse. Do you follow?

So know this, when so called experts not only get no results, but the problem they are supposed to handle has gotten worse the more they do what they do, you are not talking to experts. You are talking to someone who knows nothing effective and who is actually part of the problem.

There was a time when the mental health experts considered that bleeding someone to get the bad feelings out was a ‘treatment’, a time when ice water dips and strait jackets were somehow ‘helping’ the mentally ill, when cutting brains with lobotomies and other mutilations was the humane thing to do. Thankfully the experts were stopped from destroying lives with what amounted to torture.

But even today these mental health experts still advocate electro-shock, something that has never proven to help anyone and which has caused irreversible brain damage. The biggest scourge today is the many drugs freely given for a variety of conditions that have zero therapeutic value and that have caused documented harm. Some 6 million plus children are taking them.

Specific to today’s topic, many of those drugs cause suicidal thoughts. It’s right there on the warning label. In fact most have so many negative indications they can’t fit them on the bottle. Now we have warning brochures. Veterans are currently killing themselves at a record pace of twenty plus per day. The common denominator is not war, it is the psychiatric drugs they are all given. Does it take a genius to figure out why the suicide rates have gone up?

But putting aside these obvious bad treatments, one should ask, what are we doing to these kids that might be contributing to their mental deterioration?

How about pushing CRT, critical race theory. According to CRT, we must group people by immutable characteristics they can never change like skin color, and brainwash them into thinking they are either racist oppressors or perpetual victims, all due to their skin color. Included in the mix is anti-racism, the idea that we must fight racism by practicing more racism, but in reverse. You don’t think that might cause some mental or emotional problems, much less be socially disastrous for impressionable children?

But let’s not stop there. We have the enforced sexualizing of young children in schools, pushing every kind of deviance possible, complete with sexual texts, pictures and diagrams to drive it all home. Remember, this is begun pre-puberty when sex is still way out on the horizon for most kids. This both titillates and traumatizes children, softening them up for what comes next.

Gender spectrum and fluidity. Again the idea that something immutable, one’s biological sex, is somehow wrong or bad. Pushing these ideas will certainly confuse a 6 year old. And as soon as the kid says he or she is confused, we’ll pump them full of the wrong hormones. You know, hormones. Those things that already cause kids reaching puberty enough trouble as it is without injecting them with more. To top it all off we’ll do radical disfiguring surgery that cannot be reversed, is painful and often requires repeated follow up surgeries to try to fix mistakes or failures which are inevitable when you try to change girls into boys and boys into girls. Oh, and you’ll have to take more hormones the rest of your life. None of that could stress someone out, could it? Heaven forbid if some poor child later changes their mind, which is now happening. The lawsuits are already flying.

And if you haven’t captured them with racism or gender dysphoria, there’s always the doom and gloom of climate disaster. You know, the world’s gonna end in a hell-scape of heat and fire or massive flood. Even if that doesn’t happen anytime soon, we’ll eventually all slowly suffocate from excess CO2, an invisible gas that even triple its current percentage would only make up about 1 tenth of one percent of our atmosphere. A gas without which no plants could live. Yet the climate harpies scream about the end of the world coming soon. No anxiety or emotional trauma there. Is it any wonder the next generations aren’t marrying and don’t ever want kids of their own?

Soon we will likely have another round of fear porn over the umpteenth variant of COVID-19 and the lock downs, masks and shots that will inevitably follow. Another invisible killer no one can stop. If that doesn’t kill us, it will be the Nazi white supremacists that the government and media say are everywhere.

We are creating a climate of fear for our children leading to what I call the kamakaze culture. Toward the end of the World War II, Japanese pilots of the kamikaze attack units were ordered to crash their planes into enemy ships, effectively committing suicide. This was considered more honorable than surrender and defeat. For our youth there are so many dangers being promoted, especially things they feel there is no way to fight against, that the kamakaze mission gets short-circuited into just suicide.

All of it is manufactured madness. The indoctrination of death. But, I suppose that is the point. Besides the billions in profits for the medico-pharma industry, there is a political expedience in keeping the population in perpetual anxiety. It makes them far more controllable and far less likely to notice what is being done to them. Pouring dangerous medications down their throats will only make it worse.

The fact is it doesn’t have to be this way. Talk to some homeschoolers, or kids from a small town that hasn’t been completely captured yet. You’ll find the brightest, most curious and most competent children you’ll ever see. The difference is shocking. And quite refreshing.

It’s going to take work to stem the tide, to re-establish a constructive focus on the goals of civilization. But I for one think all the kids deserve a chance at a bright future, a chance to build onto our civilization, and to have the competence and confidence to build their own. Not to be left to pick for scraps among the ruins of a civilization long lost or maliciously destroyed.

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