Edward Thompson writes fiction under the pen name Jack Thompson and children’s stories and fables under the name Fun London.

Fun London

Alfundo “Fun” London was born in Florence, Italy. His mother was a beautiful blonde tarantella dancer with an adventurous spirit. Much less is known of his father, a sailor who was lost in the stormy seas off the coast of Ithaca shortly after Fun was conceived. After spending his youth on the island of Corsica learning the language and ways of the French, he found his way to America where he now resides. He spent summers working for a carnival where he met many interesting people who fueled his imagination.

I have always loved life, and I find each person I meet to be of great interest. I believe in the basic goodness in us all and in the joy of creating. I write to bring some of my joy to others. Remember, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.” – Fun

This is the strange story of a dog who became the prince of an entire country. Some will say this never happened. Nevertheless, it did. Others will say that a dog has no business being a prince, but in this case, the dog had earned it. For without him there would have been no country left for anyone to rule at all.

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The Dog Princess is the sequel to the popular book The Dog Prince. The story follows Ammed, a thirteen-year-old boy, his friend Celia and, of course, Paint, the Dog Prince, on another adventure in the land of Brink. This time they must leave Brink and travel through the dreaded Dark Forest to save a dear friend.

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Lost in the Woods is an entertaining tale of a young boy who struggles with life after his father is unexpectedly killed. A bump on the head sends him into a fantasy world of talking animals and whimsical characters who lead him on a journey to right himself. The story is full of humor and insight with an uplifting ending.

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What happened to a young 12-year-old boy named Robbie changed him profoundly forever. Whether it was real life experience or the incredible product of a fertile imagination, I’m afraid, I will have to leave for you to decide. Either way, as a story teller, I could not leave this story untold. Come with me now and prepare to meet the Wonderkind.

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The Last Magician tells the story of Jaden, a boy who finds himself alone and adrift in a land that slowly spirals down toward oblivion. How can one small boy hope to turn back the tide of destruction?

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In this book you will find four of my favorite children’s stories: Lost in the Woods, The Dog Prince, The Wonderkind and The Last Magician. They are suitable to be read to kids as bedtime stories or for kids to read by themselves.
This is a collection of four tales to enthrall children and delight adults….valuable story of lessons to be learned and practiced by not just children, but perhaps many adults. I thoroughly enjoyed these stories written by a very talented author who promises to bring us more outstanding, creative tales.
Reading these stories, I was just as entertained as my children.”
Move over Lewis Carroll. Move over Lewis Carroll. Fun London is your newest competition…”

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Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson is an international bestselling author finding voices in many genres. In addition to his popular Raja Williams mystery thriller series, Jack writes the Deadly Sins Thrillers, science fiction, political thrillers, paranormal romance, children’s stories and poetry.

According to Jack, whether reading or writing, what makes a story great is how well it communicates to the reader. Whether presenting him with a hero he wishes he could be or a villain he chooses to hate, the characters must relate to the reader on a personal level. A reader will leave a good story in an improved condition. He may have learned something new about the world or himself, or simply been well entertained. That’s why Jack writes.

About the Raja Williams Series

Great escape with rich characters, twists and turns. Each book in the 12-volume series takes you on an adventure to a new location.

Brilliant. Fearless. Unstoppable. Raja Williams is a private detective who is relentless in his pursuit of justice. Neither the dark, tragic anti-hero nor the James Bond super-hero type, Raja uses his intuitive genius and penetrating empathy to unravel mysteries. He and his partner Vinny Moore, a high-tech hacker with brains and beauty, do whatever it takes to help those who have nowhere else to turn.

Jack Thompson gives his readers what they want: a good plot with a central character painted in bold colours.” – Mike Smith, e-thriller

What Readers Are Saying
Best detective since Sherlock Holmes!
I love Raja Williams. He is a brilliant private investigator with an amazing heart.
Worth every penny for the box set, great reading, could not wait to read the next book.
These are not cookie cutter mysteries. They are complex, interesting, surprising and always entertaining.

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