Fatty Confusion

In journalism “burying the lede” means hiding the main or most important point among distracting details.

For nearly a decade we have heard that fat shaming is bad, that being fat is simply an alternative lifestyle like being a jock or a Gothic. We’ve seen a fat woman in a bikini posing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue telling us we must believe that fat is beautiful. Saying someone is fat is now on the forbidden list. I’m not sure what we should say, but whatever it is it must affirm that being fat is good. All this despite the centuries long knowledge that obesity is unhealthy.

There is, and has been, plenty of documentation of the increased serious health risks like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and breathing problems, many types of cancer, clinical depression and what is euphemistically called difficulty with physical functioning. Basically, the chance of every bad medical thing that can happen to you is increased just by being overweight. I’m not making this up or exaggerating. This data comes straight from the CDC. And to put a point on it, there are zero health risks associated with being physically fit and trim. None.

We also heard for over two years now about obesity being a major co-morbidity risk regarding the COVID-19 virus and disease. And since morbidity essentially means death, it’s hard to spin that as good. But here we are being indoctrinated that being fat is somehow okay and good. Is there any wonder why you can’t go to the grocery store without having a ginormous rear end in stretch pants permanently tattooed onto your retinas. Sadly, we know that the 375 pound man who lives around the corner and never leaves his house probably won’t see the end of the decade. And yet, despite what we all know intuitively, we hear otherwise. Fat is all good, say the wokester idiots. Stop your fat-shaming, you size bigot.

I expected more of the same propaganda when I came across an article the other day talking about obese children. It came as a confusing shock to my system when i read about how dangerous it is for parents to ignore their fat kids. At first I thought that perhaps someone intelligent was resurrecting the longstanding ideas that you should improve your child’s diet, and maybe insist he stop stuffing his face with cake and pie in some misguided attempt to eat himself into better mental health. Or maybe the idea that fat kids SHOULD grow out of their obesity, maybe even go outside and you know, run around a bit more like kids used to do in every town in every country on the entire planet for many millennia. I felt immediately hopeful, since even exercise and fitness have come under attack from the psychotic wokesters who claim it is somehow part of the evil racist and white supremacist hierarchy of oppression over people of color. I guess fat white kids don’t matter, but hey, no reason to start being logical. Oh, didn’t you know? Logic is also racist.

So I read on, my hope on the rise. Finally the truth will win the day. In a complete reversal of the fat loving propaganda we’ve been being fed, here they were saying that obesity is bad for your child. That there are numerous health risks to being fat. In fact they went so far as to say that your obese child is at imminent risk of severe illness or death and that you can’t afford to wait one day longer to act. Finally some good sense, if a bit dramatic. Well, as it turns out, while the article was bringing back the proven fact that fat kills, it wasn’t recommending any sensible approaches like eating less, and especially eating less junk, or exercising more. Oh no, those don’t work they said emphatically. Look around at all the fat kids. There’s the proof. Go ahead and try, but odds are you will fail. We’ve got something better.

So what is the A.A.P., the American Academy of Pediatrics no less, now offering and recommending you do to your kids to solve his or her or its obesity? I still can’t get those pronouns right. Forget exercise and diet, the real solution is first give them drugs, and if that doesn’t work then major surgery definitely will. Anti-obesity medications and surgery.

Talk about a gut punch.

They are actually recommending either diet pills, or stomach stapling or both. For your growing child. For his own health. I can’t begin to convey the outrage I felt reading this abomination of an idea, what is purported to be good health advice for parents from a supposedly responsible health organization. I don’t know why I was so shocked, having already seen the same organization of medical shills talking about giving transgender hormones and doing radical surgery on children as life-giving medical care. Fool me once. I really should have known better than to expect something different. Saying it is a world gone mad is being far too kind. This is the evil destructive sort of madness that is aimed at destroying our children and thereby our entire civilization.

Look, I am the first to acknowledge that there are rare genetic or biological factors that can contribute to obesity, just like there are rare genetic or biological factors that can cause Down syndrome or diabetes. But that is not what this is about. This is a attempt to broaden and mainstream a rare condition onto a wide swath of the population where it doesn’t belong and then sell millions of dollars of meds and surgeries to unsuspecting victims. It is the same reason we have millions of kids taking harmful psych meds for nothing more than being children. It is the pharma-medical cartel in action, and believe me, they do not have your child’s well-being in mind.

Talk to your kids, educate them a bit on the subject of nutrition, put in a little discipline as necessary. That really is something they need and want from you as a parent. Send them out for more exercise and sunshine. Go crazy and maybe even find a sports activity they can do. But for God’s sake do not put them on drugs or get them surgery to “cure” them of being fat. It isn’t a disease. They are kids. Just help them grow up. And protect them from any lunatic trying to do otherwise. After all, as you know that is your job.

-Ed Thompson

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