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Dr. Carol Swain

From high school dropout to teenage wife and mother to highly accomplished university professor and public intellectual, Dr. Carol Swain is passionate about empowering others to confidently raise their voices in the public square.

Dr. Swain is also an award-winning political scientist, a former professor of political science and professor of law at Vanderbilt University, and a member of the James Madison Society, an international community of scholars affiliated with the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University. Before joining Vanderbilt, she was a tenured associate professor of politics and public policy at Princeton.  Read more here:

Critical Race Theory is Just the Tip of the Iceberg (Article by Dr. Carol Swain, January 7,2022)

Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory is Burning Down the House (Book by Carol M. Swain, Ph.D. & Christopher J. Schorr, Ph.D.)

U.S. Constitution and American History

Family-friendly Film on key aspects of the Constitution
“Take my word folks, you’re going to love this movie. I believe In Search of Liberty is a must for every American home.” -Mark Levin
In Search of Liberty

Travel with Leo and Layla on their exciting adventures through history, using their special time traveling app, as they meet great historical figures who helped shape America and the world. Leo & Layla’s History Adventures

Adventures of Rush Revere
“Instead of just memorizing dates and facts, readers become part of and truly understand the American story. Originally written for 5th graders, these #1 New York Times Bestselling adventures are loved by readers both younger and older. All of us at the Adventures of Rush Revere Series are proud to support teachers, schools, and homeschoolers across the United States!” Adventure Series Books

“Professor Liberty seeks to EDUCATE both young and old alike. INSPIRE people through stories and thoughts on the great people of the past and RESTORE the American republic to her former glory.” The Professor Liberty Podcast

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