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lord of the flies

Lord of the Flies

Visit my substack to listen to Lord of the Flies Seventy years ago William Golding wrote Lord of the Flies, a brutal novel that sent shivers down our collective spines by exposing the raw hate and brutality hiding in the dark corners of our minds. Showing that such evil could be present in a group […]

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Visit my substack to listen to Idiocracy Smartism is the absurd idea that smart is bad. Like Ableism, the examples of Smartism in our society abound. The bias against intelligence is easily exemplified by vacuous celebrities spouting on subjects as if they know what they are talking about, and the number of social media influencers

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the name game

The Name Game

Visit my substack to listen to The Name Game. When Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus began a system of labelling and identifying plants it made a lot of sense. There were millions of species, and naming them and organizing them into an evolutionary hierarchy helped us to understand plants, and eventually animals, as never before. The

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an electrifying tale

An Electrifying Tale

Visit my substack to listen to An Electrifying Tale. After the book, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey was made into a popular movie that revealed the vicious brutality of mental hospitals and especially electroconvulsive therapy and horrific brain operations like lobotomies, there was a decided downturn in both forms of so-called

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Kamikaze Culture

Kamikaze Culture

Visit my substack to listen to Kamikaze Culture. September is suicide prevention month. I find it perversely ironic to listen to the mental health experts expound on the various problems and supposed causes of what has become nearly epidemic. They blame it on guns, a mysterious genetic increase in depression, the internet, bullying, pollution and

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Word Jujitsu

Visit my substack to listen to Word Jujitsu. Parents across America have been forced to deal with an out of control educational system that seems hell bent on destroying childhood and scarring children for life, all while failing utterly in the one and only mission that schools have. In case you, too, have been caught

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Fractured Fairy Tale

Visit my substack to listen to Fractured Fairy Tale. This is a fairy tale without a feel good, happy ending. In this story the hero does not slay the dragon and save the kingdom, nor does the lonely princess find her beloved knight. The outcome is often sad and remorseful, and sometimes results in death.

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heavy child having waste measure by doctor

Fatty Confusion

For nearly a decade we have heard that fat shaming is bad, that being fat is simply an alternative lifestyle like being a jock or a Gothic. We’ve seen a fat woman in a bikini posing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue telling us we must believe that fat is beautiful. Saying someone is fat

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