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Ed Thompson

Edward Thompson holds a passion for learning and teaching which began at an early age. He was reading, drawing and painting by age three, and could identify the native flora, fauna and minerals of eastern Pennsylvania by age six. For twenty-five years he tutored students from three to seventy-three years old, and subjects from beginning reading all the way to MBA classes and postgraduate biology, including nearly every subject in between. His students ranged from severely challenged to gifted and advanced. He also worked as a private counselor for ten years.
Ed is the author of a twelve-volume mystery thriller series, a political thriller, a science fiction novel, short stories and poetry under the name Jack Thompson, and children’s stories and fables under the name Fun London.

Patti Thompson earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, and a Master’s in Education from Temple University. As a counselor she saw firsthand the inadequacies and failings of psychology in helping people with emotional and educational difficulties. She established a private tutoring business specializing in mathematics where she has been helping students of all ages and abilities for over twenty-five years.

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